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Organic Manure


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Multiplex Annapurna

bioOrganicManureThe enormous and improper use of chemical fertilizer is leading towards fast deterioration of physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. The soil conditions have to be improved so that it supports efficient crop growth and productivity. Again, there are problems of losses of applied fertilizers by way of leaching, volatilization, denitrification of nitrogen and fixation of phosphorus etc.
The use of organic manure in combination with chemical and bio-fertilizers offers a great opportunity to increase the crop production with less cost.
Organic manures are the main sources of plant nutrients and intensive fertilizer use is not compatible with dry land agriculture. Some of the questions that may have to be answered by the policy makers, administrators and scientists on the use of fertilizers in the long run are,

Multiplex has launched a new product, MULTIPLEX ANNAPURNA AN ORGANIC MANURE.

MULTIPLEX ANNAPURNA is a well decomposed organic matter fortified with neem cake, castor cake,
pongamia cake, vermi comport, Azotobacter, Azospirillium PSB, and Trichoderma.

1. Fully decomposed organic manure.
2. Enriched with millions of beneficial nitrogen fixing bacteria, Phosphorus solubalizing micro organisms and decomposing organisms.
3. Fortified with neem, castor and pongamia cakes.
4. Rich in humus and free from weed seeds.
5. Non toxic, environmentally friendly and ecologically compatible.
1. The organic manure helps in improving soil structures i.e. the physical condition of the soil and also improves fertility of the soil.
2. There is better root proliferation.
3. It acts as a strong repellant to insects and reduces larvicidal activity, nematode population and mycoplasmas (MLO’s). It checks activity of root grubs and soil other soil insects.
4. It does not leave harmful residue and does not cause problem of pollution.
5. Organic manure use can play vital role as low cost input for agriculture.
6. The waste land and low land can be enriched and productivity may be improved by the application of organic matter.
7. Organic manure can minimize the use of chemical fertilizers in high consumption areas.
Crop Dosage
Field crop (Vegetables & Flower crops) 90 - 120 kg/acre
Coffee/Cocoa/pepper 1 kg/plant/year
Tea 25 g/bush
Coconut 3 – 5 kg/palm
Arecanut 0.5 – 2  kg/palm
Household garden plants/roses 100 g/pot
Cotton 150 kg/acre
Sugarcane 240 kg/acre
Grapes 3 – 5 kg/vine
Banana 1 kg/ plant
Pomeogranate/papaya 0.5 - 1 kg/plant
Watermelon 150 kg/acre
Citrus/ Mango 2 – 5 kg/tree
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