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Bio Pesticides


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Multiplex Spodomar(NPV)
Content: Nucleopolyhedrovirus of Spodopetra litura (Tobacco leaf eating caterpillar) Spodomar is highly effective against S .litura caterpillar, pest of cotton, gram, pigeon pea, cabbage, tomato, chillies and oil seed crops, knol-khol, soybean, veg., etc
Insects/Pests: Kills only Spodoptera litura a leaf eating caterpillar
Dosage: Dissolve @ 1 ml of Multiplex Spodomar in one litre of water and apply on the entire plant. ;
Method of application:
  • a. Shake the bottle properly and prepare a solution @ 1 ml/litre of water.
  • Spray the solution 2-3 times at 10-15 days interval.
  • . Spray preferably in the evening and on young larval stages or on sighting of egg laying (during flowering stage).
Note: For best results use along with Jivaras (Humic acid 12%)
Compatibility: Highly compatible with most chemical & biological pesticides
FUNCTION: Immediately on application, after the ingestion by the insect, further damage to the crop is restricted. However the larvae is physically there on the plant & starts moving upwards on the plant, but without causing any further damage to the crop
Multiplex Soldier(EPN)
Content: Heterorhabditis indica
Dosage:   click here to view
Insects/Pests/diseases: Controls root grubs of arecanut, sugarcane, wheat, cardamom and damage of termites on different crops.
FUNCTION: The nematode after entering the body of the insect, the bacteria present in the gut of the nematode releases into the body of the target pests & kills the pests. Here the killer is the bacteria (Xenorhabdus nematophilus and Photorhabdus luminesence) present in the gut of the nematode. Cardamom Research Station, Idduki recommends EPN Cadaver for the control of root grubs in Cardamom since last 2 years.
Developed by JK Infolines
Multiplex Soldier(EPN):Dosage
Major Target pest Major Target crops Recommended Dose Method of application

White Grubs, Termites
Cut worms, Rhizome weevils
 Other  Target pests
( Those Spend part of life stage in soil)
Armyworm, Cabbage maggots, Carrot weevils

Citrus weevils, Cucumber beetles
chafers, Flea beetles
Fungus gnats, Wireworm etc.,




5 kg/ac

Mix with  moist Sand/ soil/ Well decomposed FYM /Annapoorna
& Broad cast over one Acre

Dissolve recommended quantity in 200 lts of water & drench entire one acre
Sugar Cane

5 kg/ ac                    


2  kg/ ac


Ground nut

Ginger Turmeric

& Others

1 kg/acre

Plantation & Fruit crops

Areca nut

10 g /palm

Mix with  moist Sand/ soil/ Well decomposed FYM /Annapoorna
& apply to each plant base

Dissolve recommended quantity in 1 lts of water & drench each plant base

25 g /palm

5 gm/pit