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About Us - Biography of Dr. G.P. Shetty


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Dr. G P Shetty was born in the year 1940 in an Agrarian family in Udupi District of Karnataka. After completing his primary education in his native place, he did his graduation in Science from Willington College, Sangli and post graduation in Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Later he obtained his Doctorate in Plant physiology and Plant Nutrients from the same University.

Anticipating and identifying the problems of the farmers and to provide adequate remedy and suggestions, was the work culture of Dr.G.P.Shetty. With the so called success of the 1st Green Revolution, just started to show its true colours in early 70s, Dr.G.P.Shetty was very clear in his observations and understanding that, without Micronutrients and Secondary nutrients it is just next to impossible to sustain increased productivity / yield, only with the usage of NPK. After realizing this, he started extensive RESEARCH in this direction.

As early as 1974, he took the issue as a challenge and under the Self Employment Scheme of the Government of Karnataka, with the capital of Rs.20,000/- he started a Institution with the hope to serve the farmers of Karnataka. Initially as a one man army, he started his journey in to the lives of the farming community, today having more than one thousand employees directly and thousands indirectly working in the same direction of serving the farmers.

The State Governments and the concerned Departments having realized the importance of micronutrients fixed the grades according to the soil status literally after almost 15 years of Dr.G.P.Shetty's initiation in this direction. Till then, he had single handedly built up a team and spread the awareness of micronutrients to the nook and corner of this country.

The realization and submission that Focusing only on NPK was a mistake and presently the need for balanced nutrition being focused by the Central Government is the indirect support for Dr.G.P.Shetty's initiation and hard work. The Food Security Mission and the National Horticulture Mission have included micronutrients and also Bio-Fertilizers in their package other than the NPK Fertilizers. Indeed, Dr.G.P.Shetty is the Father figure of Micronutrients Industry of the country.

Again old habits die hard. After setting up a state of art soil, leaf and water analyzing Laboratory and going through thousands of soil samples collected from all over the country, Dr.G.P.Shetty realized the sad condition of the soil as a result of high usage of Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides and Weedicides. All the useful micro organisms present in the soil has been totally destroyed and also due to low carbon content, the soil structure has been totally destroyed. The health of the soil deteriorated to such an extent that soil just acts as a anchor (holding the plants) and biochemical, biological, microbial activities ceased to exist.

Almost all the products from the stable of MULTIPLEX BIO-TECH PVT.LTD., being IMO certified.

Krishi Vikas Rath Project
Project to disseminate latest Agricultural technologies to farming communities for enhancing sustainable income of the farmer by improving overall soil health and overcoming problems of nutrient deficiency, crop pests and diseases, with particular emphasis on Balanced nutrition and Bio-fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides...


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