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Bio Jodi


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Content: MULTIPLEX BIO-JODI is the combination product of two most widely used bacterial (Pseudomonas fluorescence & Bacillus subtilis) bioagents. These organisms can produce antibiotics during sporulation & supports plant growth. BIOJODI form a thin bio films, which are dense organism communities, these colonization prevents other pathogens from infecting the plant, because BIOJODI has the advantage of being at the site first & promote growth and serve as a bio-controller for the control of plant pathogen. Our strains in Bio-Jodi can act as bio-fungicides & bio-bactericide for controlling many foliar bacterial & fungal diseases
Mode Of Action: Bio-Jodi produces class antibiotics; these helps out-compete other microorganisms by either killing them or reducing their growth rate and also have direct fungicidal activity on pathogens. BIOJODI is made for many uses. Like plant disease control, these include foliar application and also applied to the root zone or seed.

BIOJODI inhibits plant pathogen spore germination, disrupts germ tube growth, and interferes with the attachment of the pathogen to the plant. It is also reported to induce systemic acquired resistance against bacterial pathogens

Function :
  • Beneficial microbes of BIOJODI take up space on the leaves/roots leaving less area or source for occupation by disease pathogens.
  • BIOJODI feeds off plant exudates, which also serve as a food source for disease pathogens. Because it consumes exudates Bio-Jodi deprives disease pathogens of a major food source, thereby inhibiting their ability to thrive and reproduce.
  • BIOJODI combats pathogenic fungi through the production of a chemical that inhibits the pathogen's growth
Insects/Pest/diseases: Bio- Jodi controls Rice blast and sheath blight of paddy, Potato late blight, root and stem rots caused by Sclerotium and Rhizoctonia, wilts caused by Fusarium and blights/leaf spots caused by Alternaria, Cercospora, Downy mildews and Powdery mildews, fungal & bacterial diseases of cotton, cereals, pulses, vegetables, oilseeds, fruit plants, plantation and floriculture.

Bacterial leaf spot & blight of lemon, apple, grapes, cucurbits, peas, vegetable, fruit crops & plantation crops

Dosage & Method of application :
Foliar spray:Mix 5 g of BIO-JODI in one liter of water. This solution should be sprayed using knapsack sprayer or any other conventional sprayer, 2-3 times at 15 days intervals.
Note:- For best result use multiplex Bio-Jodi in combination with Multiplex Jivaras (12% Humic Acid) for foliar application

Seed treatment Disperse 10 g of Bio Jodi in 10ml of water to treat 1 kg seed.

Soil Application 1 kg of BIO-JODI in 100 kg of FYM & broadcast over one acre. Maintain adequate moisture at the time of application

Nursery Disperse 10 g BIO-JODI in one liter & drench the bed.

Seedling Dipping - Mix 20 gm of BIO-JODI in one liter of water and dip the seedling for 10 min & than transplant.

Plantation: 10 g of Multiplex Bio Jodi in 2 kg of FYM/ Annapurna and apply to each plant.

Special Features-
  • Best works when used as a preventive application rather than curative application
  • Bio Jodi needs to achieve good coverage of foliage and stems to protect from bacterial & fungal infection
  • Preferably spray during evening hours to get better result
Developed by JK Infolines