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Content: Checkmite Contains naturally occurring fungal pathogens of spider mite. Our commercial product containing this beneficial fungal pathogen causes decrease in mite population up to 50- 70% with single application & acts both on adult & immature stages of mites. Under ideal condition the product was as effective as chemical acaricides. Mites are common pests of fruits, vegetables, forage crops, ornamentals and green houses. To the naked eye spider mites look like tiny, moving dots, mostly on the undersurface of leaves. A single colony may contain hundreds of individuals. Once established in a new area they multiply rapidly and reach to pest status because of special inherent capabilities like high egg production various modes of reproduction, short life cycle, different dispersal techniques and adaptability to diverse ecological conditions.
Target pest- All kinds of mites, especially red spider mites, Citrus rust mites, coconut mites,

Target crops- All vegetables, Field crops, Fruits, plantation crops & especially tea, cotton, chilli, brinjal.
Dosage & Method of application :
Dissolve @ 10 g/litre of water & apply on the leaves, repeat the application after 10 15 days.
  • It controls mites but will not kill the natural enemies of mites
  • The mites will not develop resistance.
  • Resurgence of Mite attack will not occur.
Caution: Fungicides applied to control plant pathogens also kills microbial content of Checkmite so don't use chemical fungicide at least for 10 -15 days before or after the spray of Checkmite.
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