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Group of Companies


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KAC is the flagship Company and was established in the year 1974. Dr. G.P. Shetty after touring extensively and thoroughly to study the Crop Pattern and Soil Profile, has been able to formulate effective and result oriented micronutrient products. The Company has 20 Branches & 8 depots.

The brand name MULTIPLEX is very popular among farming community. Our Technical knowledge, experience and quality commitment has earned a lot of goodwill for the products from Farmers, Dealers and Distributors. Company's strength being uncompromised quality of the products and its uncomparable marketing network.

Established in the year 1992 with the main intention of strengthening the marketing network of the parent company. MFPL also manufactures few products on its own. MFPL having branches & field force of more than 500 people. With this the company has been able to penetrate the remote parts of the country.

MFPL markets products of KAC, like Samras, Multilaxin, Bactinash, Bactrinol, Sulphur, Weedicides and full range of Pesticides manufactured by Multiplex Agricare Pvt. Ltd., along with products which it manufactures by its own. The experience and dedication of the marketing personnel of MFPL has smoothened the activities of the group and has resulted in seeing the groups name on the top of the chart.

The company has proved its capacity to introduce and sell any new agro based product. In the year 1997 - 98, 2 new products have been introduced and distributed through out the country viz. Samras and Multilaxin. Both the products have been well accepted by the farmers and have surprised the manufacturers of these products whose first year target have been achieved by more than 200 %. MFPL have also introduced seeds during the year 1997 - 98 and a variety of Cotton Hybrid Seeds PCHH1 & 2 has proven to be one of the best in the country. Apart from these Seeds, other Seeds such as Vegetables, Bajra, Maize, Paddy, Sunflower and Jute are also doing exceptionally well and is very well received and accepted by farmers.


Multiplex Bio-Tech is a Private Limited Company registered under the Companies Act. 1956 during the year 2000, which is promoted by the entrepreneur having very rich experience in the field of manufacturing and marketing of agricultural products such as Multimicronutrient Fertilizers, Pesticides, Seeds and Insecticides etc., The company has a manufacturing unit at Nelamangala.

The Company has an existing unit at Nelamangala which is manufacturing wide range of Agro based Biotech Products which are used for the Growth, Development and to get Good Yields in field Crops, Fruit Crops, Plantation Crops, Horticultural Crops etc., and has good market for its range of products. As the promoters are in the field for more than 25 years, having very good sales infrastructure all over the country, it is not a problem for the company to market its products through the various distributors and dealers in marketing the products of its sister concerns.

Even though there are number of manufacturers, a very few units are known for their quality. There is therefore scope for unit to take up project for manufacturing Agro based Biotech products. It is basic necessity to the agriculturists and farmers to maintain soil health and keep the ecological environment safe by using these products.

Facilities at Production Unit
  • Inword House/raw Material Storage
  • Pulvarizer and Grinding Unit
  • Media Preperation and Autoclave(sterilization)
  • Inoculation Chamber
  • Shaker/sub Culturing Unit
  • Fermentors
  • Blending And Mixing Unit
  • Q/c Lab And Green House for Quality Control
  • Packing Unit
  • Storage (control Temp.) for Finished Goods

Zinc Sulphate Unit Located in Peenya, the unit is engaged in manufacturing of Zinc Sulphate which is the main raw - material for KAC the parent company. Apart from KAC, the unit with the supporter of the existing marketing network also caters the demand for Zinc Sulphate from the farmers of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh directly. It is also manufactures other sulphates like Copper, Magnesium and Manganese.

It is also proposed to manufacture Zinc EDTA (Ethylene Di Amino Tetra Acetic Acid). Zinc EDTA till recently is an imported chemical to be used in agriculture. Scientifically it has been proved that Zinc EDTA is more effective and quick in action to control the Zinc deficiency in most of the crops. As a matter of interest, our Indian soils are deficient in zinc in about 60% of the total soil samples analysed through out the country. We have technical know how to manufacture Zinc EDTA and already trial batches have been run successfully.

Pestcides Unit Located in Tumkur is one of the best Liquid Pesticides formulating plant in India. At present, the unit is formulating Monocrotophos 36% SL, Endosulfan 35% EC, Chlorpyriphos 20% EC, Cypermethrin 25% EC, Cypermethrin 10% EC, Fenvelerate 20% EC & Quinolphos 25 % EC. Formulating quality, cost effective pesticides is the main aim of the Company.

The demand from the farmers bringing back empty containers to the retailers for the purchase of the same product has encouraged MAPL to increase the product range, with the support of the huge existing marketing network. MAPL is confident of making a mark in the pesticide industry comnpeting with several multinationals and domestic companies.

MAPL is better placed than other competitive companies because of good marketing network and also commitment of the company to serve farmers with quality product.


Mystique Apparels is a readymade woven knitted garment industry which is producing various garment brands of superior quality since 1996. Mystique Apparels is an initiative of Multiplex Group of companies which was established to cater to the needs of clothing for growing population in India and overseas.

About the group: Multiplex Group took its birth to serve the farming community and to increase the food production in India and overseas in the year 1974. Being pioneer in micro nutrient production and distribution multiplex is a total solution provider to agriculture sector. Having accepted by the farming community everywhere Multiplex is continuing its services and catering to all the needs of agriculture sector. Thinking further Multiplex thought of clothing to huge population of India and overseas. As a result mystique apparels came into being.

Company is ISO 9001-2008 certified for all the processes and quality to meet the discerning customer needs. In addition to 300 direct employment, the company has over 100 vendors, financial institutions and customers who are also benefitted in the process.

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Multiplex Urban Green

Dr. G.P. Shetty, visionary agricultural scientist started Multiplex Group in 1974 to improve soil health, provide balanced nutrition and reduce vulnerability of crops to pests and diseases.

Dr.Shetty observed that deteriorating soil health in agriculture field was due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers / pesticides. Through his extensive research he recognized micro nutrient deficiency and the loss of organic matter in the soil.

To address this serious issue Dr. Shetty set up a manufacturing company to produce and supply micronutrients and organic manure to enrich soil fertility for better crops and to improve overall quality of life of the farming community. From a humble beginning of a single company today the group has grown to host of other ventures in India & overseas.

Backed by this rich field experience, Multiplex has initiated a novel concept called Multiplex Urban Green (MUG) for the benefit of urbanites.

Urbanites hardly get chemical pesticide free vegetables in the markets. To meet the growing need of organic food and concern for the health of urbanities, Multiplex group has pioneered a novel concept of growing vegetables in the terrace/balcony or back yard.

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