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Krishi Vikas Rath


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Project Objectives
  • Educating farmers to identify and analyze field problems such as Nutrient deficiency, crop pests and diseases using field diagnostic tools at their doorsteps.
  • Creating awareness about environment friendly new technologies through large scale demonstrations, field days, campaigns etc., so as to judicious use of agri-inputs by farming community
  • Improving field performance of the products by way of educating farmers about method and time of product application, at suitable stage of the crops and environment in which these products are to be applied, as the method of utilization of bio-products is slightly varied from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Functioning as an integral part of R&D team in the process of new product development by assessing field efficacy of the product under varied agro-climatic regions
  • Measuring the socioeconomic impact of new technologies on farmers in post demonstration phase
Technical programme

Technology demonstration is proposed to be carried out in 14 selected states in the first phase such as Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhanda, Madhya Pradesh, Pujab, Rajasthan, Orissa, West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Uttaranchal, Haryana with major crops grown in these areas.

Selection of suitable farmer and Demonstration field
Information on receptive farmer or progressive farmer will be gathered from our own already existing Marketing Network as it is spreaded over the country. Information will also collected by interacting with local organizations such as farmers associations, Department of agriculture, Raith Samparka Kendra (RSK), Seed corporations, Co-operative societies, Banks, Gram Panchayats etc., Demonstration field will be selected based on the visibility of the field, convenient to visit other farmers and technical suitability of the field to carry out the demonstration
Documentation of farmers practices
Extensive field survey will be conducted in major crops growing areas of above mentioned states to document existing practices followed by the farmers, extent of adoption of recommended packages and assess the gaps or constraints involved in adopting that kind of practices through developed survey formats or questionnaires. For this purpose farmers from different strata of society such as small, marginal and large farmers will be selected.
On farm Education
A team consisting of four members qualified in different disciplines of agriculture and having sound scientific and practical knowledge in the field of agriculture is as follows:
  • Team Leader -01 (Ph.D or M.Sc. in Agriculture)
  • Team Members- 02 (M.Sc. or B.Sc in Agriculture)
  • Field Assistant-01 (PUC and preferably farmers Son)
The team will be visiting as many farmers as possible every day and study the overall health of the soil and plant. Then, the team will be educating the farmers about the causes or reasons for the problems by using field diagnostic tools and advice on proper solutions. In case, the team failed to identify correct reasons for the problem and solving the same, the team leader immediately contact senior experts from Head Office as they have close collaboration with senior scientist and extension specialists of State Agriculture Universities, State Department of Agriculture and other premier research organizations.
Evaluation and validation of New Technologies
After assessing or identifying field problems and also constraints involved in adoption of existing farmers practices, new technology modules involving environment friendly components like Bio- Manures, Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides will be evaluated and validated under farmers fields in different agro-climatic regions, results will be compared with that of farmers practices. Validation will also be conducted on balanced nutrition as it plays an important role in obtaining national research organizations. This is the unique strength of Multiplex to undertake present challanging project better yield and quality produce
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