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Krishi Vikas Rath


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Creation of awareness about New Technologies
Awareness will be created about the new technology among the farmers by involving them at every stage of the trial and field demonstrations and there by educating about importance of new technology and also about cost benefit ratios, additional benefit of the new technology as against farmers practices through large scale demonstration, field days, Campaigns etc., involving both participatory and non participatory farmers.
Impact survey on New Technologies
Post demonstration survey will be conducted in project area to measure the impact of new technology on socioeconomic conditions of the farmers through assessing per cent of farmers convinced, willing to adopt or adopted new technology through developed questionnaires.
Recruiting Technical Manpower

Multiplex has rented an exclusive technical field force to implement the project successfully at down the line. Each Team will be consisted of four members of having qualified (Ph.D/M.Sc/B.Sc) and experienced in different disciplines of agriculture such as Entomology, Plant pathology, Soil science etc., Each team will be equipped with Lap top, High end digital camera, GPS and Audio-Visual Aids such as Projector, Posters, Effective sound system etc., Initially, about 16-18 such teams will be formulated to operate the project in different parts of the country and further expansion will be made in next three years.

Hands on training Programme
Company is also planning to impart hands on training programme on basic and applied aspects of soil health and plant protection to freshers before they start operating project at ground level.
Significant outcomes/ practical utility of the projects outcomes
  • Helps farmers in proper identification of nutrient deficiency, crop pest and disease problems
  • Awareness among the farming communities about new technologies for maintaining soil health and also managing pests and diseases
  • Helps farmer to learn and judge benefits of new technologies in post demonstration phase
  • Helps the farmers to take independent decision on purchase of suitable agri-inputs, thus, getting value for his investment.
  • Farmers get confidence to practice organic farming along with conventional farming with need based application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Farmers save many by way of judicious use of suitable agri-inputs as he becomes acknowledgeable
  • Helps in formulating suitable Product Recommendations to improve soil health based on soil analysis.
  • Monitoring and recording new pests and diseases helps in developing early management practices to combat the same
  • Providing sound scientific and skill service to farmers helps in attaining sustainable growth of the agriculture
The team will be visiting as many farmers as possible every day and study the overall health of the soil and plant. Then, the team will be educating the farmers about the causes or reasons for the problems by using field diagnostic tools and advice on proper solutions. In case, the team failed to identify correct reasons for the problem and solving the same, the team leader immediately contact senior experts from Head Office as they have close collaboration with senior scientist and extension specialists of State Agriculture Universities, State Department of Agriculture and other premier research organizations.
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