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Nutrient Deficiencies & Remedies


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1. Nitrogen
Nitrogen deficient plants are generally stunted with pale green foliage. The older leaves are first to lose their green colur and become yellow due to chlorosis. Premature Shedding of leaves.
2. Phosphorus
Phosphorus deficiency reduces the growth of plant. leaf shape may be distored. Older leaf will be affected before younger ones with purple or reddish colour.
3. Potassium
Potassium deficiency causes a marginal scorching or firing leaf margins. Potassium deficient plants grow slow, having poor root system. Stalks are weak.
4. Calcium
Deficiency symptoms appear on rapidly growing tissues such as shoot tip, expanding leaves, flowers fruit and roots. Necrosis and distortion of young leaves with water soaken drying of marginal tissues, wilting of flower stems.
5. Magnesium
Bright yellow chlorosis in order leaves. The yellowing begins at the tip and margins of the blade and spreads in ward between the veins towards the midrib. triangular green area near the leaf base.
6. Sulphur
Youngest leaves become chlorotic, while neighboring dark green colour of older leaves. Unlike Nitrogen, Sulphur deficiency symptoms appear first on the younger leaves.
7. Zinc
Sickle shape leaves and unfolded small wavy edged leaves. Dormant and inactive shoots. Shortering of internodal length; interveinal chlorosis. Reduced grain weight.
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