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Nutrient Deficiencies & Remedies


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8. Iron
In early stage of deficiency, the youngest leave develop a uniform light green chlorosis. During severe deficiency, chlorosis becomes more yellow or even white and the veins lose green colur.
9. Manganese
Gray speck is the most common symptom appearing in interveinal areas. Irregular motting followed by reddish brown nectrotic spots.
10. Copper
Copper deficiency has been identified in monocots. Curling and drying of tips and numerous small leaves originate from axil.
11. Boron
Abortion of terminal and axillary buds, Pollination and fertilization suffers. Stem and nut cracking and nut dropping is common.
12. Molybdenum
Molybdenum deficiency symptom is similar to that of nitrogen with yellowing and stunting of plants. Leaves become papery.
Krishi Vikas Rath Project
Project to disseminate latest Agricultural technologies to farming communities for enhancing sustainable income of the farmer by improving overall soil health and overcoming problems of nutrient deficiency, crop pests and diseases, with particular emphasis on Balanced nutrition and Bio-fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides...


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