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FERTILIZERS - Plant Bio-Activators


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COMPOSITION : Contains Nitro benzene - 17.0%
CROPS USED : Wheat, Banana, Grapes, Cotton, Paddy, Chillies, Tomato, Soybean, Brinjal, Pulses, Oil seeds and other flowering crops.

DOSAGE & METHOD OF APPLICATION : Mix 1.0 – 2.0 kg in required quantity of sand and broadcast in one acre of land.
First application - at the time of sowing.
Second application - 30 days before flowering.

Benefits : Multiplex Multigene work as plant energizer, flowering stimulant and yield booster. It induces flowering thereby increases yield of the crop.
AVAILABLE PACKING : 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg & 100 kg
COMPOSITION : Sea-weed, humic acid and a mixture of amino acid and triacontanol.
CROPS USED : For all crops

DOSAGE & METHOD OF APPLICATION :General Dosage. Apply 5-10 kg per acre at the time of sowing by mixing it with FYM / Compost or 20–25 days after transplanting by mixing with top dressing fertilizers. It should be mixed properly in the main field soil to exploit its maximum potential.

Benefits : Multiplex Navajeevan - G reduces transplant shock and is an eco-friendly product. To some extent it can detoxify chemical residues and heavy metals. It supplies NPK as well as secondary trace minerals Ca, Mg, S, B, Mo, Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe, Silicon and Cobalt along with growth promoters like Auxins, Gibberellins and Cytokinins in naturally chelated forms and readily available to the plants – improves taste and quality of the produce.
Multiplex in collaboration with Indian Institute of horticulture Research (IIHR) Bangalore has introduced a unique product Multiplex Chirayu
Content:A unique combination of beneficial bacteria, beneficial fungus culture with their metabolites, formulated in high enriched organic base. This base serves as a source of nutrients for early establishment of beneficial microbes & also as a rich source of plant growth promoting substances
Mode Of Action: Seed treatment with CHIRAYU give systemic protection against many seed & soil borne fungal and bacterial diseases & also known to provide plants with useful molecules and growth stimulating compounds that can increase their vigor and as a result resistance to pathogens & also produces numerous growth substances in the soil which promotes plant growth
Function :
  • Seed & seedlings protector from Fungal & Bacterial diseases during crop development period
  • Seed germinator- improves crop stand, increase % germination
  • Seedling growth booster- improve early establishment, increase biomass accumulation, and improve rooting
Application method & dose
I. Seed treatment-   click here to view
II. Seedling root dip dissolve 100 g chirayu in 10 lts of water& dip roots for at least 20 min before transplanting
III. Main field application – Mix 500g Chirayu in 100 kg well decomposed FYM or Coco peat broad cast over entire acre
  Frequency of application- Two applications in vegetables & field crops and 3-4 applications in lawns and landscape crops at monthly weeks intervals are recommended.
  • Applications during early stages of plant growth protect the plant during critical stages of development.
  • Do not use chemical pesticides after application of Chirayu for 10-12 days
  Compatibility- with most bio-products & Chemical fertilizers
Developed by JK Infolines
Crop Dosage Methods of use
All Vegetables, Maize, Red gram, Green gram, Sunflower, Coriander, Onion (seeds), Paddy (Hybrid) & all other hybrid seeds 50 g /kg of seed Take Recommended quantity of seeds in a container, sprinkle water just enough to moisten the seeds & apply CHIRAYU to mix well and form a uniform coating.
wheat ,paddy (Other varieties), Ground nut, Bengal gram, Soybean 1 kg CHIRAYU required for one acre
Sugarcane, Potato, sweet potato, Ginger, Turmeric, Onion (tuber), Garlic ( tuber) & other tuber crops 2 kg CHIRAYU required for one acre