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FERTILIZERS - Plant Growth Regulator


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AVAILABLE PACKING : 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1.0 litre & 5.0 litres
COMPOSITION : Alpha naphthyl acetic acid 4.5 % SL.
CROPS USED : Tomato, Brinjal, Pea, Chillies, Apple, Citrus Orange, Mango and Tea

DOSAGE & METHOD OF APPLICATION :Dissolve 0.25 – 0.30 ml per litre of water and spray on both side of the leaves.
Field crops (Tomato, Brinjal, Pea, Chillies):
• First spray 25 – 30 days after transplantation.
• Second spray at the time of flowering.
• Third spray 10 days after second spray.

Fruit crops (Apple, Citrus Orange, Mango):
• First spray at the time of flower bud initiation.
• Second spray when the fruits are of bean size.
• Third spray 25 – 30 days after second spray.

Plantation crops (Tea):
• First spray between March & April before on set of monsoon, when buds open.
• Second spray 25 – 30 days after first spray.
• Third spray 25 – 30 days after second spray.

• First spray before flower initiation.
• Second spray 30 days after first spray.
• Third spray 25 – 30 days after second spray.

Benefits : It is an excellent plant growth regulator, which induces flowering, preventing shedding of buds, flowers, unripe fruits. It increases the size and improves the quality fruit, thus results in better yield.
CONTENT : Secondary and Micro Nutrients
DOSAGE : 250gm per palm/year

APPLICATION TIME :May – June & Sept – Oct

Benefits : Improves soil characterisitic such as soil structure, and base saturation. It also corrects soil pH.

It contains magnesium & hence increases the chlorophyll pigments & thereby increase photosynthetic activities, resulting in higher crop yield.

Sulphur present in the product reduces the salinity in the soil.

Micronutrient Induces regular flowering and better nut setting. It also helps in increasing the weight of the nuts, which will result in increased yield.

Application of Areca Green helps to reduce the Yellow leaf disease and increase the yield.
COMPOSITION :Plant Hormone – Triacontanol
CROPS USED : Brinjal, capsicum, tomato, cashew, sugarcane, paddy, cauliflower, cabbage, groundnuts, beans, apples, oranges, potato

Soil application:
• Apply @ 10 kg per acre at the time of sowing /transplantation.

Benefits : Multiplex Multinol is an effective plant growth promoter which on application to plants improves plant height, number of branches. It also helps in flower and fruit setting, imparts attractive colour to end produce and increases the yield
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