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Wetting Agents


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All the knowledge gained & techniques evolved in the laboratories and at the research stations will not produce more yield unless these are accepted and adopted by the cultivators. It has been emphasized many times that fertilization of the crops & application of a pesticide through foliar spray is key to avoid deficiency symptoms and control of pests and diseases, to increases production to meet the growing needs of the country. Many plant leaf surfaces are waxy in nature and immediate rains after spray in loss of sprayed nutrients or pesticides.
In order to avoid losses of sprayed nutrients or pesticides, KARNATAKA AGRO CHEMICALS developed a product called MULTIPLEX MAXIWET which can be used as spreading or wetting or sticking agent.
Insecticides or fungicides or micronutrients or other fertilizers sprayed with MULTIPLEX MAXIWET will be absorbed immediately because it will avoid drain off due to rains.
MULTIPLEX MAXIWET can be used with herbicides for maximum coverage and to have effective control of weeds.

1. MULTIPLEX MAXIWET is compatible with all insecticides, fungicides, micronutrients and other fertilizers.
2. MULTIPLEX MAXIWET can also be used as cleaning agent, for sprayers and farm machinery at lower cost.
3. MULTIPLEX MAXIWET is non-toxic to plants and free from sodium.

40 to100ml maxi wet can be dissolved in 100 liters of spray liquid or 1ml per liter of spray solution.
PACKINGS: Available in 250ml, 500ml, 2ltr & 5ltr attractive bottles.
Developed by JK Infolines