Farm Management

At Multiplex, we aim to help every farmer, whether in India or overseas, to educate and provide the best total farming solution that would better their land and their crops. In relation to this, we have come up with the term “Collaborative Agriculture” in an attempt to partner up with potential farmers to help them in developing or to turn their barren land as well as semi-cultivated land into something green and productive.

The need for an all rounded approach for agricultural productivity in today’s world has made us think of extending our support to various land owners, ranging from as small as 10 acres to any extent of acres that an individual or companies possess.

About Collaborative Agriculture

Our experience and knowledge of over four and a half decade have been the turning point to collaborative agriculture. We are the pioneers in advocating cultivation practices that include diversified crops in different agro-climatic conditions. This has helped us manage many acres of land over the years. With our skills and expertise, we can turn your barren land to something green and productive.

Our collective group vision is to be a “Total Solution Provider”; to improve soil health, crop productivity and quality of life. During this journey, we will take care of everything, from managing the soil, water, and seedlings. The integrated approach developed by us to make your land green and productive is accomplished with unmatched quality and innovation coupled with decades of research and development. Our relationship with farmers and landowners is solely built and sustained through trust, transparency and mutual benefits, which is the strongest foundation to building up the land from nothing to something.


At Multiplex, we leave no stone unturned. It is our aim to guide you in every step of agricultural activity. Our steps include a simple soil test, field layout, land preparation, advice on crop selection, seed – sapling selections, information on inputs to be given on regular intervals, weed management, nutrient management, pest and disease management, harvesting, post-harvesting techniques and market for every crop you wish to have in your field.

  1. To start off with, precise expenditure that will be incurred for farm maintenance (capital and recurring will be shared). Next, a detailed report of farm activities and infrastructure will be provided to one, after technically evaluating one’s farmland. Based on this evaluation, we will suggest different crops to be cultivated. After the complete briefing, take a moment to make your choice. After mutual acceptance, we shall take up farm activities.
  2. Now that we are finally partners, we will supply all inputs manufactured by Multiplex Group of Companies at dealer price. Other inputs, equipment, implements, etc. shall be procured at reasonable prices after taking due consent. After the initial set up, we will move on to farm implements & types of machinery that will be suggested as per the requirement of the farm.
  3. Our team of managerial and supervisory staff shall be provided as per acreage. Our technical team will also make farm visits every week & follow up on farming activities.