Dr. G P Shetty

Dr. G P Shetty Shetty is an eminent agriculturist & architect of Multiplex. He was in the forefront and the driving force behind the “green revolution”. From having humble beginning in an agrarian family in the Udupi district of Karnataka, he had completed his masters and doctoral program in the field, “Plant Physiology and Plant Nutrition”.

Journey of Karnataka Agro Chemicals (KAC)

Being fully aware of the downfall of crop production due to the ill effects of using large quantities of some major nutrients instead of having a balanced use of all the required crop nutrients, which led to stagnation in food production because of poor crop response. Because of his foresight, he took this up as an opportunity to work with farmers to help them get increased yields and better quality of the produce. His extensive knowledge in the field of crop nutrition coupled with his entrepreneurial skills gave birth to his first brainchild, Karnataka Agro Chemicals (KAC) in the year 1974. KAC manufactures and markets micronutrients to farmers.

Spreading awareness

To bring awareness to his brand and his objective to increase crop quality and production, Dr. G.P. Shetty had to travel extensively across INDIA. He was a one-man army and had a vision of Improving Soil health and Socioeconomic conditions of farmers through improved yield both by Quality & Quantity. The positive encouragement and reviews he received from farmers, institutes, and the government departments, helped him expand his reach across India. His name and brand soon resonated across various agricultural sectors and communities. Soon, from one man it became a team of dedicated workers who works alongside him to promote integrated crop nutrition and production across India.

His teachings and insights

During his journey, Dr. G.P.Shetty has been sharing information based on his studies of scientific cultivation of crops. He educated farmers and various agricultural and research bodies the importance of soil health management, crop nutrition, crop protection & because of this they started to initiate the appropriate action for crop nutrition and crop protection. This has also been included under the “Food Security Mission and the National Horticulture Mission” act, where it states that it will bring into action soil amendments with added importance to use of micronutrients, Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-pesticide.

Birth of Multiplex

To increase the impact of his work, Dr. G.P.Shetty established a full-fledged, prestigious laboratory to test soil samples across the nation in order to help determine the importance of crop nutrients. In his laboratory, he analyzed leaf, soil and water samples of various fields to try and figure out how sustainable they are. But sadly, because of excessive use of chemical fertilizers, the quality of soil has depleted & was unproductive. His main objective all along was to help farmers in need to get good quality crops, hence he started his extensive research on bio products & started releasing the products through Multiplex Bio Tech Pvt. Ltd

Because of his immense contribution to the agricultural sector through research for a safer alternative to fertilizers and pesticides, Dr. G.P.Shetty was the recipient of many prestigious awards from several prominent organizations.