Global relations

Understanding the fact that conjoint manoeuvres yield economies of large scale and facile proliferation, the Multiplex Group inception has been based on such a foundation that not only works in a keen synergy with the global traders. Fortifying the global agenda of sustainable development, the Multiplex Founder Dr. G.P.Shetty has been working tirelessly to purvey the environmental motives and the expand the company’s reach to the overseas projects. By uplifting India during the times of its major food crisis, the company has contributed prodigiously towards sustainable farming and uplifting the Indian farming industry.

Talking of the company’s constantly ameliorating global relations, one such instance is when the Republic of Djibouti, Africa, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Multiplex Group, entering into a joint venture, approaching the company to supervise 12,000 acres of wheat project, located in Ethiopia, Africa. Implemented with the best of our endeavours, the project was a major success and was well completed in time. The project required the local farmers to be handled, which was done responsibly and vigilantly. Continuing for a span of 5 years, the project successfully met its expectations.

Some yet another bosting overseas prospect came into existence, when we incepted exporting to Sultanate of Oman, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia in the 90’s. After this stupendous beginning, the company seldom witnessed the lows. We further proliferated and in 2000 we began exporting to Mauritius, Malaysia, Bangladesh, china, Nepal, Muscat and Egypt.

By the mid of 2009, we had already expanded into Djibouti, Ethiopia; which can all be owed to the tenacious aspirations and efforts of Mr. Mahesh G. Shetty, Honorary Consultant of the Republic of Djibouti.

Additionally, we possess Venezuela, Cyprus, Lebanon, Maldives and Kenya in our trading spectrum since the dawn of 2011. Also, Japan continues to be our cardinal trade partner.

Our agricultural products have been moving across the vital trading countries and has fortify the situation of the farmers, in real sense. In recognition of our stupendous development manoeuvres and research perpetrated, in 2008, The Fertilizers Association of India (FAI), New Delhi, awarded us for superior quality “Production, Promotion and Marketing of Bio-Fertilizers”.

Besides the aforesaid deployments in the trading industry of the agriculture arena, the Multiplex Group continues to serve the overseas farming sector and bestow every possible help to upliftment the farmers and their families. We had incepted with “Multiplex Farmer Happy Farmer” motto and continue to work to uphold the dignity.