The Journey


New Production unit at Ghaziabad

Due to the ever-increasing demand for Multiplex products, the management decided to open up a manufacturing unit in in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh). Inaugurated by Dr. G P Shetty, The Chairman of Multiplex group of companies in the presence of Mr. Mahesh G Shetty, Managing Director. The new facility has been manufacturing all types of Micronutrients, Specialty fertilizers, Soil conditioners, and Bio fertilizers to meet the requirements of all northern states.


Multiplex Safe and Farm Fresh

The Multiplex Group started to branch out and came out with products without chemical residue. To achieve this, we came up with a model farm to grow fruits and vegetables near Bangalore. All this was started under the subsidiary “Safe and Farm Fresh”. Additionally, the farm also has dairy, poultry, and sheep rearing units. From here, produce is marketed to various select outlets in Bangalore.

GPS Institute of Agricultural Management (GPSIOAM)

GPS Institute of Agricultural Management was established under the guidance and initiative of Dr. G.P.Shetty’ s Agri Research and Educational Trust. This prestigious institute offers courses in Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Management and Diploma in Agricultural Management (GPSIOAM). These short-term courses are provided to boys and girls to teach them the ways of becoming Entrepreneurs across the agriculture sector & to make them industry ready for recruitment by Agri companies.


Multiplex Farming

The Multiplex group came up with an innovative initiative called Multiplex Farming. Multiplex farming is a form of collaborative agriculture where Multiplex will partner up with a landowner to help develop his/her barren land as well as semi-cultivated land. Reasons for non-cultivation of land can be based on various factors, such as landowners moving out of rural areas and migrating to cities, lack of cultivation techniques and knowledge, etc. This results in non-cultivation of Land and loss of resources. In such cases, Multiplex farming will provide a flexible solution and helps to manage soil and crops by scientifically analyzing and providing proper solutions. Scope is to cover everything from the basic land preparation to managing the Farm & Marketing of products.


Multiplex Urban Green

In 2013, there was a sudden surge for organic gardening inputs in cities. To keep up with the trend, “Multiplex Urban Green” (MUG) came up with a novel way of growing vegetables on their own terrace, balcony or back yard, by providing them a Urban Green Kit named “Krushi” containing all required inputs & tools. They also showcased an innovative way to grow fresh, nutritious vegetables right at one’s home.

2012 - 2013

Multiplex has partnered with an MNC to open up a new venture in the field of mechanized paddy sowing and transplantation. This gave farmers substantial growth in paddy cultivation based on improved yield both in quality and quantity.


Multiplex Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd was recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) for our efforts, development, and contributions in the field of biotechnology.


Karnataka Agro Chemicals, Multiplex Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd., and Multiplex Agricare Pvt.Ltd, were certified with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. Started production and distribution of Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides in Liquid form.


Multiplex was given the prestigious organic certification by IMO, Switzerland for entire bio-product range.


The multiplex group started their Zinc Sulphate manufacturing plant in Peenya, Bangalore & also started the production of organic manure, bio-fertilizers, bio-activators and bio-pesticides.


Multiplex reached their Silver Jubilee year since they completed 25 years of dedicated service in the agricultural industry and to the farming community.


After conducting excessive research, Multiplex started the formulation, production, and marketing of pesticides. In the same year, the production and marketing of seeds was also initiated.


Multiplex opened a Marketing branch office & started operation in Tamil Nadu.


Multiplex started expanding reach across India. Andhra Pradesh was the first state in INDIA to have our products outside Karnataka.


The first startup, Karnataka Agro Chemicals, has been successfully established and started contributing to farming community in Karnataka.