Laboratory Services

Multiplex Biotech Pvt. Ltd. started off as a small soil and fertilizer testing laboratory. It was quickly expanded with required equipment’s that will help for the analysis of soil, water, plant, organic manures, and fertilizers, by adopting standard procedures. It also has In-house R & D Center, that is recognized by D.S.I.R., Government of India, and is also ISO certified and NABL Accredited.

Our lab is a “composite laboratory”, i.e., we cater to the needs of the farming community. We also analyze the quality of our own fertilizers as per FCO Regulations. Currently, it is one of the leading testing laboratories in India. It is equipped with extremely sophisticated instruments, managed by highly qualified professionals and we also help in providing Analytical Services in the field of Soil, water, manures, plants and fertilizers to National and International Customers. We not only provide Analysis report, but also recommend best practices along with supported Crops & required fertilizers to maximize quality & capacity of the produce.

Environmental Testing

The types of testing that are undertaken in the lab is as follows

Soil Analysis

Done to assess the inherent power of the soil to supply nutrients. Lab technical experts use ICAR/FAO as a standard procedure for estimation of micronutrients including heavy metals. Highly skilled scientists interpret these results and recommend required fertilizer’s for different crops to farmers.

Plant/ Leaf

Many plant parameters like total plant nutrients are estimated by adopting ICAR/FAO standard procedures and results are interpreted with recommendations.


Lab chemists/analysts use FCO 1985 standard methods for analysis of fertilizer samples.

Water Analysis

Lab chemists use ICAR/IS standard procedures for estimation of different water quality parameters and interpret the results to check whether the water is suitable for agricultural purpose (irrigation) or not.

Organic Manures

Lab chemists follow ICAR/FCO standard methods for estimation of total nutrients in raw organic manures, liquid samples & finished products.

Laboratory Equipment currently in use in the lab are as follows

  • Analytical and electronic balances

  • pH meter

  • Conductivity meter

  • Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer

  • Flame photometer

  • Kjeldahl nitrogen digestion & Distillation unit

  • Mechanical shaker

  • Muffle furnace

  • Double distillation unit

  • UV/ Visible Spectrophotometer

  • Water bath